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Monday, 6 February 2012

The Liberty Loco

The Liberty Loco is a social run in the South West of England
that will take place on Saturday the 16th of June 2012.

The run is open to any runner but YOU MUST register at by Saturday 19th of May 2012 AND be advised that you have a place.  Why these rules? Well, the Liberty Loco is a point to point run of 28 miles.  You don't have to run all of it, transport will be provided at various points on the route so that runners can step out of the run for a while if they wish. There will then be transport back from the finish when we all get there.  So there's no point in just turning up on the day and expecting to have a place in the transport...we have to know you're coming and spaces will be limited.

Other rules...well there won't really be any, there's no official sanction, no insurance, no medical cover...this is just about a group of running friends getting together for a real world run.

The run will be led at an easy pace and there will be a 'Tail End Charlie' to ensure that we all get there.  The route follows a marked footpath but everyone will be responsible for their own navigation. The pace will be such that the event is likely to take the greater part of the day.

You can run the whole 28 miles but, as stated above, you can take a break over any parts of the distance if you wish to.    

Personal kit, drinks and snacks can be carried in the transport.

The intention is to gather the previous evening to meet up with each other.  Set off at about 09:00 on the Saturday morning from Ham Hill and have some fish & chips in Lyme Regis when we finish.  We will retire to a local hostelry (transport provided) for the evening on Saturday.  Sunday will see a leisurely 'recovery run' for those that wish and then we'll disperse through the day.

Local accommodation of various quality and style is readily available...there is a Premier Inn that is about 500m from the event HQ (our house!)

Some details of the route can be found at

The first pick-up point at 3.5 miles

Liberty Trail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Stage 1: Ham Hill ~ The Muddled Man in West Chinnock ~ 3.5 miles

This part begins on paths coming off of Ham Hill. We drop down to Little Norton and then climb back up Pease Hill.  Lovely views abound. A small road takes us off of Pease Hill again and then we follow footpaths across fields to Middle Chinnock and we have a smile at the sign that is marked 'Poop Hill 1/4 mile' before we get to The Muddled Man in West Chinnock.  About 40 mins at easy pace. 

Stage 2: The Muddled Man ~ St Leonard's Church, Misterton ~ 5 miles

More paths and fields as we head to Haselbury Plucknett.  We skirt around North Perrot and get into some cider apple orchards and then head to the village of Misterton, which nestles beside the small Somerset town of Crewkerne.

Stage 3: St Leonard's Church ~ Wayford ~ 4 miles

This a sections sees a bit more road running and some more long hills.  Heading from Misterton it's fields, roads, fields to Clapton and then over another ridge to the very small village of Wayford. 

Stage 4: Wayford ~ Thorncombe ~ 6 miles

Out of Wayford we follow a private farm road that is a permissive path and come to the village of Winsham.  More paths take us to beautiful Forde Abbey which we see from three sides then it's more fields, trails and road and we get to the edge of the village at Thorncombe (at some point we have passed into the county of Dorset) where the support crew will be waiting in a lay-by just after the sports ground.

Stage 5: Thorncombe to Coney Castle ~ 4.5 miles

Another hilly section that will be quite demanding on tired legs.  Road, trail, narrow paths and boggy fields, capped by crossing the ancient Lambert's Castle site and then uphill again to Coney Castle (the site of an Iron Age fortification).  The last climb is less daunting than it looks and the support crew are in the car park at the top of the climb.  

a Google Map of the route I have scouted so far (first 19 miles) is at:

Then 4.4 miles from Thorncombe to Coney Castle is at: